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Glock G17 Gen3 9mm 106mm Battleworn Grey FAB Scout ODG w/ MIDAS LE Red Dot & Streamlight TLR-1


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Custom Glock Inclueds:

GLKGLOGPI1750203G - Glock G17 Gen3 9mm 106mm Cerakote Battleworn Grey

FABKPOSSAGN - FAB Defense Scout Advanced Conversion Kit ODG, for Glock 17

TFL617395787838 - Taylor Freelance for Glock Competition Basepad 9/40/357 Zombie G

GREGGPGLKTRIGGERGRY - Grey Ghost Precision Trigger Grey Safety/Grey Shoe, for Glock

SML69110 - Streamlight TLR-1 Gun Light 300 Lumen Rail Mount Black

ATH403060 - Athlon Midas LE Red Dot
Manufacturer GLOCK
Caliber 9mm (9x19)
Barrel Specification 106 mm
Class Restricted