Strasser RS Solo Evolution Standard BA .30-06 Spfd 22"/559mm 3-Round Wood Grade 1


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The new STRASSER RS SOLO EVOLUTION is the leading straight-pull bolt action rifle of its class. Made in Austria to the highest quality standards, it offers a fixed barrel on top of all the benefits of the STRASSER RS straight-pull system when it comes to safety, precision and speed. All this with an outstanding price-to-performance ratio.

STRASSER’s leading, safe straight-pull lock system, the hard-coated system casing made of a high-strength aluminium alloy, the steel elements protected from corrosion by cutting-edge technology and the ergonomic stock with its traditionally designed Bavarian butt make the STRASSER RS SOLO EVOLUTION a reliable companion for avid hunters.
Manufacturer STRASSER
Caliber .30-06 Spfd.
Action BOLT
Class Non-Restricted